The World’s Only Universal Steel Frame Building Kit

The World’s Only Universal Steel Frame Building Kit


The concept for Best Barndominiums was a vision the owner had several years ago after traveling throughout various parts of Texas both urban and rural, showing his horses. After Googling things like “best restaurants near me, best hotels, best barns to house livestock in, etc.

During the owner’s career in the Oilfield he gained experience in metal fabrication. He also worked for a small metal building company at the time, which eventually led to his career path for the next 45 years in the Metal Building industry.

Best Barndominiums
Best Barndominiums manufactures steel building kits in the USA and ships direct to our customers, worldwide. Come see what you can build!

A Note From Our Founder:

“ was a vision I had several years ago after traveling all over Texas with my wife to show her horses. I was just learning how to use google and could see right away this was going to be the future of marketing and advertising. I would google stuff like, Best restaurant for breakfast or who has the Best BBQ around here.  At this time in my life, I was owner and founder of Star Construction Services, which was established in 1979. Little did I know what the future would have instore.”


This is a structural primary framing system that will meet all building ASME codes and regulations for your project. The uniqueness of these frames is their versatility. The customer is free to go from 10’ eave heights up to and including 16’ eave heights with 2’ increments with just a click of a button.  The customer also has the flexibility to adjust the width of their Barndominium starting at 30’ in width up to and including 60’ in width with 5’ increments. The frames will include a 3:12 roof slope design, which is the most popular for Barndominiums.  The UNAFRAME system is a rigid frame Pre-Engineered Metal Building that is bolted together on the location of your choice. This will SAVE the customer two very valued assets, Time and Money. 


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